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Jo-Ressel Gin "Vento Carsico"

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Jo Ressel Gin “ Vento Carsico ” is a premium gin, the main ingredient of which are botanical plants from a unique territory, caressed by the wind and sea breeze, located between the Karst and the Adriatic Sea. It is a gin, which, thanks to the unique cooperation of the producer and Gin Dom Poland, is available in our country, you can get to know it better and buy it on our website.

Jo Ressel Gin Vento Carsico has a strong relationship with the territory, the botanical gardens pay tribute to the Karst and Adriatic coast, all for the best taste of Trieste's double soul.

Little by little, through the inhospitable but bustling landscape, Sage and Juniper chase each other in the wind among the branches and reach You, in an enveloping, endless embrace.

An enchanted and somewhat mysterious world, like a fairy-tale landscape. The karst trail, which will take you with a taste. Jo Ressel Gin Vento Carsico is exactly like walking in the woods. If you have the courage, you will enter an inhospitable landscape where you will feel lost. As you immerse yourself in the leaves, in the flavors and scents of this wild land, you will wonder why you haven't done it before. You will want more until you are finally home. Are you ready to join the walk?

Main Ingredients:

  • Juniper - Here it all starts with him. But Vento Carsico Gin will delight you with how it is able to balance the flavors of juniper and mugo pine as well as fortify other botanicals on this hike.
  • Mugo Pine - The first note you will feel in the nose and palate. It goes straight to your heart. Quickly on arrival, it steps aside, allowing the flavors of other botanicals to arrive
  • Lemon Peel - It brings refreshment and makes the gin light
  • Hyssop - A balsamic and pleasant note that makes you decide to continue the journey you have begun.
  • Savory - It has a slightly peppery, pungent aftertaste that is very intriguing.

Gin Vento Carsico is a taste that will make you feel like you're coming home. It's taste and aroma that will also keep you looking forward to your next adventure.

Jo Ressel Gin Vento Carsico is a PREMIUM gin that also goes well with your dish. But not only. It becomes its ingredient; it is the gin that was made in the kitchen. A gin who finds his home there .

Jo Ressel wants to accompany and enrich the dish. To satisfy the best palates, Jo Ressel takes an extra step: it becomes its ingredient.


  • Bronze - IWSC 2022 
  • Silver-  scoring 89/100 points - LSC 2022 
  • Gold - scoring 98 points - IWSC 2021 
  • Silver - LSC 2021

Tasting Notes:

  • Juniper
  • Mugo Pine
  • Lemon Peel
  • Hyssop
  • Savory


Technical data

Capacity 0,7l
ABV 40%
Type Gin
Botanical ingredients juniper, mugo pine, lemon peeel, hyssop, savory

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